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Stretch Packaging Technology

Lachenmeier’s core business is pallet safety. We offer customers state-of-the art stretch hood and shrink wrap solutions with the best mix between function and cost. We focus on machine performance in combination with the right packaging film, and we look for ways to reduce the film usage and improve the quality of the wraps in order for customers to get the optimum packaging solution at the lowest possible cost without compromising with load containment requirements.

Whether you are looking for increased load stability, reduced packaging material, minimum waste, basically an improved packaging process where you can reduce the overall cost of packaging, we can, based on our many years of industry best practice, take a close look at your existing packaging solution and make suggestions as to possible cost savings and efficiencies. Feel free to apply for a FREE Pallet Wrap Audit.

Lachenmeier is a leading global packaging machine provider as well as supplier of related packaging film. With a product portfolio that includes stretch hood machines, shrink wrapping machines and corresponding packaging film, Lachenmeier answers to a broad range of market segments.
You name it, we wrap it…

  • Stretch hood equipment
  • Stretch hood film
Markets we serve:
  • Food & Beverage
  • Construction
  • Distribution & Shipping
  • Shipping & Warehousing
  • Primary Metals
  • Paper Products
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Textiles
  • Transportation
  • Agriculture
  • Lumber